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Reed Chevrolet knows many of our customers require extra cargo space in their vehicles. Some of them need to be able to haul a camper or trailer; a task most SUVs are more than capable of handling. SUVs are an excellent option for those who need room for a growing family and the cargo space otherwise found in a truck. Our used car dealership contains a wide range of used SUVs from an array of manufacturers. If you've driven and enjoyed Jeeps in the past, then you'll be glad to know there's a good chance you can find a Wrangler with low mileage. Ford enthusiasts might find a deluge of Explorers in several colors and years. Variety, quality, and friendliness are our strengths, and we're more than happy to help you find the perfect SUV for your commute, family outings, or camping trips. Our used and pre-owned vehicle inventories are the ideal places to find your next method of transportation!  

The Many Benefits of Purchasing a Used SUV

SUVs are no longer the gas-guzzling, lumbering beasts of old. Today, families and individuals can own a vehicle perfect for all conditions without draining their wallets at the gas pump. The innovation in SUV design isn't the only benefit presented by today's SUVs. You should consider purchasing an SUV because: 

They're perfect for group outings:  

Whether you're a family of four or you've got four best friends, an SUV accommodates adventures of all kinds. SUVs provide siblings with plenty of space, so they don't quarrel with each other. They give your friends a luxurious, comfortable experience while traveling to a ballgame at Busch Stadium, a concert in Kansas City, or a cross-country trip. In the end, trucks and sedans can't compete with the spaciousness of an SUV. 

You'll keep you and your family safer: 

Generally speaking, the bigger the vehicle, the safer you'll be during a collision. Manufacturers make SUV frames from sturdy stuff, and new models usually come with advanced safety features enhancing the natural strength of a larger vehicle. Ask a Reed Chevrolet associate about SUVs with safety features. Some used SUVs might come with rear cameras, lane assistance, and more. Either way, you'll be able to see more of the road in an SUV and feel comfortable in the knowledge that your family vehicle can withstand a crash. 

Upgrade your camping and vacation experiences: 

One more benefit of owning an SUV: You're not burdened by constraints when it comes to camping and hiking excursions. Due to their size and power, many SUVs can haul trailers and RVs. Be sure to ask a sales team member at our used car dealership for more information. They can point you in the direction of a used SUV that can meet your demands. 

You can traverse the off-road Missouri terrain: 

There's no sense in attempting to drive rough terrain in a Hyundai Elantra. But that's not the case in an SUV. Reed Chevrolet offers a broad spectrum of SUVs, all of which are built to handle the demands off-roading present. But they do more than manage challenges; our used SUVs will conquer them without effort at all. While trucks also deal with non-paved driving surfaces well, they don't offer the passenger space an SUV does, meaning they might not be great for group camping outings. 

They handle flooding much better than cars: 

SUVs sit higher off the ground, which means you'll be able to drive during some flooding conditions. Given the frequent flooding in Missouri and Kansas, Saint Joseph residents would do well to consider a vehicle resistant to ruination from driving through flood water. 

Cargo, cargo, cargo!:  

While an SUV might make you an easy target for helping your friends move, some things benefit you. For instance, trips to and from a furniture store might be easier, as some SUVs have a shocking amount of cargo space once you fold the rear seats down. Those who already own an SUV will tell you cargo space is the most significant advantage of owning one! 

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If you're not in the market for an SUV, Reed Chevrolet has other used options, including cars and trucks. Our lot contains a wide variety of makes and models and a treasure trove of steals, deals, and bargains. Our sales and finance teams work in tandem to ensure you enjoy all three. We serve customers throughout Saint Joseph, MO and the surrounding area, which includes nearby Kansas City. Visit our showroom today. We're confident you'll find a used SUV that suits both your needs and your wants. We believe they're equally important. 

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