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Reed Chevrolet's Used Car Dealership

Reed Chevrolet provides used cars to Saint Joseph, MO residents who need a reliable vehicle to get them to and from work, around town, and on road trips. Sedans and hatchbacks provide benefits used trucks and cars don't, and we believe many of our customers are a perfect fit for the cars in our inventory. At any given time, we might have Chevy, Honda, Toyota, Ford, or Hyundai models in stock from years as recent as 2018. We pride ourselves on selling used cars to our customers that fit their needs and vehicles they enjoy driving. Simply put, a great car gets you from point A to point B and does so in style. 

The Benefits of Driving a Used Car in Saint Joseph, MO

Cars provide numerous benefits SUVs and trucks don't. Therefore, Reed Chevrolet sells a considerable amount of sedans and hatchbacks to our customers. To us, helping you find the right vehicle is our pleasure, and we want to assist you in any way we can. If you decide to purchase a used car from Reed Chevrolet, you can expect advantages like:  

Saving money at the pump: 

While fuel economy standards continue to improve for SUVs and trucks, they will never catch up to sedans. New models typically get car owners upwards of 30 to 40 miles per gallon. For those who commute to and from work five times a week, gas mileage should be a significant concern. Sedans and hatchbacks are great cars for commutes because they allow their owners to travel a long way without refilling at the pump. Reed Chevrolet has an array of fuel-efficient used cars from manufacturers as extensive as Ford and Toyota. 

They're roomier than they look: 

Modern cars, especially the non-compact versions, are far more spacious than you might think. So, while your passengers might not have the legroom they'd have in an SUV, the average car is still plenty comfortable for long-distance group outings. Some sedans include folding seats, providing owners with a little extra cargo space. Even better, trunk space has rapidly expanded without cutting into the area those in the backseat enjoy. 

Easier driving and parking experiences: 

Parking in an SUV or truck can take some practice, but you can't say the same about a car. So, if you live in an area where you must regularly parallel park, you might want to consider visiting Reed Chevrolet for a used car. Because they're smaller and sit low to the ground, it's much easier to navigate corners and judge the distance from the bumper to another car or wall. 

Zippier driving and handling: 

While some of our customers prefer the roar and power of a pickup truck, they don't offer the handling and acceleration capabilities cars do. Neither do SUVs. One of the ways sedans and hatchbacks set themselves apart is their acceleration capabilities. Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy a lively drive around winding streets and punchy acceleration on the interstate.  

Cheaper maintenance: 

Maintenance of sedans is generally less expensive than it is for SUVs and trucks. Even with a trusted service center, costs associated with fixing trucks and SUVs are much higher than in cars. That's why we recommend cars to our budget-conscious customers, as investing in an automobile with lower long-term costs is always a wise move. 

Smooth and comfortable rides: 

In addition to speed, sedans typically provide more comfortable rides than their larger counterparts. Most of that is due to size. While the smoothness of a driving experience varies depending on the car you choose, our used car dealership can point you in the right direction if smooth, comfortable, and quiet driving experiences matter to you. 

They're a proven commodity: 

Sedans aren't new. In fact, they're one of the oldest innovations on the market. There are more cars on the market than we can list. Because there are so many models, manufacturers must produce quality options, that benefit consumers greatly. In the end, motorists should seek quality, and you can be sure you'll find that at Reed Chevrolet.  

Our Sales, Finance, and Service Teams Work Together for You

Reed Chevrolet prides ourselves on delivering superior results to our customers. To us, results mean providing options, which is why you can choose from both new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs. We want you to have alternatives. In many cases, our customers aren't entirely sure what they're looking for when they visit our Saint Joseph, MO dealership. Our sales staff excels at identifying your needs and desires and finding the right vehicle. We can draw on our used car inventory, as well as our pre-owned inventory to find great deals. But our relationship with you doesn't end once you choose your used car. Our finance department helps you with your loan, and our service center handles battery checks, tire rotations, and oil changes. To learn more about Reed Chevrolet, call or visit us today. 

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