Stay Out of the Ditch with Expert Brake Pad Replacement

Whether you stay in Saint Joseph, MO or travel far away, your brakes are much busier than you may realize. It's more than stopping the vehicle. Individual tire braking is needed for poor traction conditions. Applying the brake to a single wheel may mean the difference between a good day and a sudden slide into the ditch.

To keep a car out of harm's way, the brakes must be in good shape. Brake pads are a remarkable invention. Replacing the pads is much less expensive than replacing brakes and rotors. The pads must be tough to provide a cushion between the rotating disc and moving rotor. When pads wear out, the buffer is gone and the components are in danger of expensive, sometimes irreparable damage.

Our service department at Reed Chevrolet is your go-to shop for brake pad replacement.

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