Drive with Food for the Holidays With These Tips

Holidays are known to be filled with lots of food that you will regret eating after the first of the year. The problem, though, is that while you are eating those foods, they taste so good that you don't care if you gain 10 pounds. When planning a trip for the holidays to see family, most families will bring food for everyone to enjoy. If you are a baker, you most likely will bake pies or cookies. If you are an inspired chef, you most likely have made a dish that is messy when served. If this is the case, when transporting the food, you want to make sure that it doesn't spill inside of your car.

The interior on your seats may be made with a material that is not easily cleaned. Also keep in mind that if you are traveling in a car that has leather seats, you don't want to spill anything on them. Keep the inside of your car clean by keeping the food in the trunk inside of a box. This will keep the mess to one location if it spills.

Here at Reed Chevrolet, we want to wish you a magical start to the wintry holiday season!

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