All-Wheel vs. 4-Wheel Drive: Which is Right for You?

Are you looking into a vehicle equipped with all-or-4-wheel drive systems, but unsure which one you should purchase for your needs? We carry both all-and-4-wheel drive here at Reed Chevrolet, and below we have a short definition and explanation of both to consider to help you with your decision:

  • Sedans, crossovers, and compact SUVs operate on the all-wheel-drive system. These vehicles are mostly used on the main highways and mild terrain in all weather conditions by emphasizing power on all four wheels by adapting each one individually to different driving conditions.
  • Pickup trucks and/or larger size SUVs, vehicles that can handle off-road driving more-so than their all-wheel counterparts are equipped with 4-wheel drive, which makes them better able to handle the more rugged conditions of off-roading.

Come see us at our location in St. Joseph, MO, and we'll help you choose the right vehicle for all of your driving needs.

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